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One-Line Bio

I am the wife of a wonderful husband, Cesar, and mother to three great children: Elizabeth (12 years), Daniel (11 years), and Rebecca (9 years).


Born in Washington, DC, my family moved to a small town in Indiana when I was seven. I lived there, until college, when I attended Wheaton College, in Illinois.

Cesar and I met in 1997 at a Catholic Apologetics group when I was converting. I was confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church on Easter 1998. Cesar and I got married the next Spring.

We live with our three kids in the suburbs of Chicago, and still hang out occasionally with the ever-expanding (via marriage and kids) group of fellow Apologists from our original group.


Catholicism, scrapbooking, reading, Gilmore Girls, Simpsons, Harry Potter, Star Trek, X-Files, baking, crafts, logic puzzles, quilting