> Birthday

Monica & Daniel
Blowing out the Candles
Celine Licking the Candles
Auggie Eating the Cake
Cruising on her Bike
Celine & Elizabeth
Wita, Marisa, Rebecca, Daniel, Wito & Elizabeth
Mary Wearing a Dora Party Hat
Daniel with a Cake Face
JD with Cake Face
Mmmm...that's GOOD cake!
Dave & Rebecca
Marisa & Elizabeth Chatting it Up on the Fire Truck
Marisa & Elizabeth on the Fire Truck
Elizabeth on Daddy's Shoulders
Cesar, Elizabeth & Suso on the Tilt-a-Whirl
Elizabeth Riding the Tilt-a-Whirl
Daniel on the Kiddieland Train
Elizabeth on the Kiddieland Train
A Stylistic Shot of the Kiddieland Railroad Crossing Sign
She smiles her way out of it. :)
Daniel Looking Up in the Line for the Carousel
Rebecca & Wito on the Carousel
Elizabeth LOVED her very own horse!
A Stylistic Shot of the Devil Horse
"I WIN!! I WIN!!"
Marisa takes her driving very seriously.
Daniel in His Lizard 'Jamas
A Super Close-Up of Elizabeth's Fingers
A Self-Portrait with the Timer
The Caped Crusader (aka Super Wolf)
Super Wolf and 'Jama Boy
Nothin' like a good bottle
Singing "Happy Birthday" to Rebecca
Rebecca with her Birthday Cookie
Mark & Regina
I get crazy at the prospect of a new scrapbook/photo album!
Anna & Rebecca
My First Orange Rose Blossom
Elizabeth the Beach Comber
Elizabeth Eating a Cupcake
Rebecca and Francinne
Suso Turns 30
Rebecca with her Cake 1
Rebecca with her Cake 4
Love that Cake!
Elizabeth & her NEW Stitch
Admiring Each Other