> Canoes

My view in the canoe
Our Canoe Crew: Me, Gwynneth and Cesar
The Fox River
Elizabeth: Ladybug Huntress
Gwynneth Shuffling Phase 10 Cards
Elizabeth took these photos. She's getting pretty good, huh?
Suso & Rebecca
Wendy & Melissa: The Babysitters
Turning on the computer for the 1st time
Daniel's Very Own Street
Rebecca & Munka
Aunt Marty & Elizabeth
Elizabeth looking befuddled
Elizabeth, Daniel, Jacob, and Ciera (cousins)
Angry Daniel
"This is MY chair."
Cousin Ciera
Suso & Rebecca
Cousin Steve and Elizabeth the Supervisor
"UGH!! I can't supervise under these conditions!"
David (my brother)
Daniel REALLY loves his cake.
REALLY loves it
Mmmmm....LOVE that cake
"Nothing like a good piece of birthday cake!"
Elizabeth in the Tent whose Pitching She Supervised
Queen Elizabeth Reigns
Daddy & Rebecca
Carrie Ann (a Cousin)
Elizabeth going down the Slide
Daniel at the Park
Daniel going down the Slide
Carrie Ann on the Beam
Daniel Boy
"This thing is really dirty!"
Caity on the Beam
Rebecca & Emily (the doll)
Cesar & Susan
Stuck with Each Other
Cesar & Suso
Munka & Rebecca on the Tire Swing
Munka & Rebecca
He didn't want to help!
Daniel on the Balance Beam ALL by HIMself
Suso, Rebecca & Munka
Mel (my cousin)
David, Grandma & Tracy (my sister-in-law)