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Rebecca and Gigi
Blanket Brawl LOL!
Katie, Paige, Suso and the Capybaras
Capybara Info
Cesar & Daniel
Pushing the buttons was the highlight for Daniel.
Katie the Dino
Katie the Dino - Side View
The Girls (minus Paige who was napping): Elizabeth, Suso, Rebecca & Katie
The Girls (minus the sleeping Paige): Elizabeth, Suso, Rebecca & Katie
Elizabeth, Katie and Daniel
Daniel & Elizabeth in front of the African bus
Elizabeth, Daniel & Rebecca
The Impossible Task - getting a decent picture of all three of them together
See what I mean??
Rebecca and Mark (her godfather)
Bridget & Regina
Bridget & Regina 2
Rebecca & Anna (with Bridget peeking through)
Daniel, Regina & Elizabeth
Regina & Daniel
Mark & Elizabeth
Elizabeth & Regina
Violeta's Kids
Snaggle-Tooth Madalyn
Elizabeth in a Tutu
Gwynneth Opening our Gift (Scrapbooking supplies, if you must know)
Rebecca & Cesar
Daniel is hungry!
Rebecca & Cesar
Daniel in the Cozy Coupe
Madalyn & Elizabeth
Progressive Dinner: Elizabeth
Progressive Dinner: Elizabeth and Daniel
Progressive Dinner: Katie
Progressive Dinner: Rebecca
Progressive Dinner: Rebecca *really* enjoyed Maria's mostaccioli!
Progressive Dinner: Katie and Christian tackle Eric.
Progressive Dinner: The Entire Gang (minus the Good Cesar)
Progressive Dinner: The Whole Gang (minus the Good Cesar)
Progressive Dinner: Christian
Progressive Dinner: Rebecca's Strength
Elizabeth, Daniel & Alexander Spinning
Daryl & Cisca