> May2009

Dollhouse 1
Dollhouse 2
Dollhouse 3
Dollhouse 4
Dollhouse 5
Dollhouse 6
Dollhouse 7
Rebecca's Photography - Zebbie
Rebecca's Photography - Suso
Rebecca's Photography - Her Shoes & the Clock
Twirling 1
Twirling 2
Twirling 3
Posing 1
Posing 2
Posing 3
A more true color of the yellow paint
Rebecca reading with Misty the dog at the library
Rebecca with Misty the Therapy Dog
Elizabeth reading to Foxy
Elizabeth with Foxy the Therapy Dog
Daniel running
Daniel in the Clubhouse
A Robin
Worried Rebecca
The giant calculator that Rebecca got me for Mother's Day
Daniel in our garage
The bay window walls and parts of window frames
The main floor of the dollhouse
Uh, yeah, my kids took photos of family with cool tombstones.
Rebecca and my niece Beth